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The People of
Pound Ridge CALM

Pound Ridge CALM members

John Grogan
Susan Allport

Trip Gabriel

Andi Ilic

Joe Simonetti
Alice Gabriel

Annie Fernald

Tom Andersen

Gina Federico

Gail Wildman

The Pound Ridge Conservation Board and the Pound Ridge Energy Advisory Committee both announced their support, in early 2022, for tighter restrictions on leaf blowers.

Over several weeks in the fall of 2021, Pound Ridge CALM emailed about 90 neighbors, friends, and acquaintances in town.

We asked two questions:

1. Would you like to see a decrease in the use of gas-powered leaf blowers in Pound Ridge?

2. Can I put you down as a supporter of CALM's goal of working with the Town Board to find alternatives?

More than 100 people answered yes to both questions. Below is a partial list.

We'd like to add your name to it. Email us at

(we won't share your address).

John Bria
Elyse Arnow Brill
Kaare Andersen

Paul McGee

Margo Sterling

Barbara O'Connor

John Cosetti

Steve Samaha

Cathy Workman

Lauren Moskowitz
Govind Friedland
Sarah Schwarzchild

Anthony Browne

Brian Kelly

Marion Kelly

Jordan Tucker

Connie Hammerlund

Alan Peterman
Chloe Frechette

Adam Sterling

David Kirby

Gail Jankus

Adrian Seery

Kim Cosetti

Deann Grogan

Ian Workman

Danny Moskowitz
Sonya Friedman

Adam Schwarzchild

Sarah Browne

Dave Burgess

Missy Burgess

Jane Zimmerman

Joanna Topping

Susan Silver

Natasha Seery

Kris Bria

Joshua Arnow

Carolyn Sears

Joanne Mineo

Laurel Berger

Josh Lowell

Ellen Kearns

Alyssa Arce
Dan Friedman

Sean Hester

Amy Hester

Jamie Perna

Lev Gelfand

Chris Iversen

Molly Wojno

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